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KINETIK is a unique rock band incorporating slices of punk and metal with an acoustic alter ego. The band features both male and female lead vocals, guitarists with influences ranging from classic & progressive rock to technical metal & punk, a bassist with funk, soul, jazz & blues influences and a versatile and experienced drummer. This not only gives KINETIK a unique sound but opens the doors for many musical directions and flavors. Although the first few live appearances were semi acoustic, the band has delivered an energetic performance consistently and fired up the audience at every show. In addition to many live peformances in a short amount of time, Kinetik has recorded a professionally studio demo CD featuring 3 original tracks that showcase well writen memorable compositions that show some of the diverse but well blended influences.

The formation of KINETIK came in May of 2003 when Dave-(guitar) became friends with Rick-(drums), and Andy-(vocals) who knew Dave through his old band. Although he didn't have a lot of experience, Andy mentioned wanting to jam to Dave and they got together and jammed on a few rock covers. Having played punk and metal in previous bands, Dave had some heavy songs that needed "ballsy" vocals which fit Andy's vocal style well. Dave’s main focus was on writing and recording and there was also a few songs that were written on acoustic and sounded good with female vocals so Taylor was auditioned and sounded great on those songs.

Ricks' focus was to gig as much as possible and be a working band by learning some covers, which Dave, who was used to playing mainly originals, agreed could be fun and good experience for a new band (not to mention better paying). Andy had a great tone for hard rock and the heavier originals but Taylor had a great voice for the acoustic songs and a higher range. Recognizing the different tones and abilities of both Andy and Taylor and not wanting to have to choose one, the idea came up to have both a male and a female singer.

In June the band started jamming with Brian who played with Rick through a friends' music class at Skyline College. Although some of the songs weren't really his style, Brian is a quick learner and wanted to play the shows the band already had set up. Brian also enjoyed playing the originals which Dave sometimes writes in two guitar parts so the last peice of the puzzle came in July when Dave asked Charlie, another guitar player from his other band to play.

Since gaining experience singing together, both Andy and Taylor are evolving. Andy has developed a softer dynamic and Taylor belts out more aggressive vocals sometimes. This gives the band capabilities for some interesting harmonies and backing vocals furthering the development of the originals as well as giving the band more dynamic range and flexibility for certain gigs that require doing covers. Now the band is playing as many good shows as possible and helping them cultivate a local following while writing more originals and expanding the number of songs the band can play for the next few bookings...