M . U . D .


In December of 1985, the crossover punk-metal scene was in full force when bands like D.R.I., S.O.D., Poison Idea, and Accused reached their peak. This is when the concept was born for M.U.D.

Vocalist Doug Dillon and drummer Bud Mills started writing their own brand of punk metal songs through early 1986 and in a few months they recruited Insanity guitarist Dave Gorsuch and former school mate Chris Springer on Bass. After writing lots of new songs the band made a tape and played live for the first time in March of 87. After a short while a lot of stuff happened and the band called it quits.

Bud and Doug both got married and had kids and never considered the band at all until January of 1995. Doug decided to get the band together for a ten year reunion and on Friday the 13th the band played every song from the old days a couple times and recorded it. Unfortunately this was not serious enough to restart M.U.D. until ex-Poverty bassist Lou Gilberto agreed to join.

Now that the band could be better than ever, Doug went straight to work writing new songs. Co-writing new music with Bud during the later part of '96, they took their demo to Dave as he was eager to get things going again. With the band back in action Doug co-wrote many more new songs with Dave to create a 28 song set that only included five of the best old tunes from '86. By the end of '98 a 20 song recording was done entitled "One World Order" and it is now available on CD. In December of '99 another guitarist, Scott Dodge joined the M.U.D. making the band sound heavier than ever. Now the band is playing live and writing material for the second release. There is no set release date as of yet, but keep posted for upcoming info!

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