the STORY of

In the begining god created the heavens and the earth and eventually man. In time he felt it was all too good and he wanted to create a balance between purity and perversity. So then he created slime, lust and waste, and then finally PUS! -and it was good!!! PUS was the very essence of all that was sickly and disgusting in this world but a source of great humor as well. It soon became a way of life, and what better way of spreading the word than through the art of sound and music.

The first PUSmasters were Ogar Buttodor and Demon-Troll Jismslinger. They put together the earliest songs in the age old tradition of making mankind puke and having uncontrolled bowel movements. In time master Ogar grew weak and could no longer handle the great burden of bringing sickness and smellyness to the masses and resigned his porcelain throne to a new deciple.

From the west came a young prince of perversity, Squarehead Blockhead, propelled by his turbospackling might to fill the disenchated kingdom of Pus with a renewed exuberance while spewing forth a bubbling cauldron of filth and sickness all the while intensely massaging himself to multiple moments of gratification. Soon after from the pits of stench came Anaconda Johnson, a dark prince trained in the ancient arts of whoring, pus slinging and vocal abuse. And finally a true skinbeating master appeared, Bud the god of masterbeating and skinpounding came to unite the rhythmic gyrations and regurgitations between Demon-Troll, Squarehead and the rowdy Anaconda.

With their talents combined, the world dominating, stenching powers of Bud the masterbeater, the sickly ideas and bodily dicharges of Squarehead Blockhead, with the oil spewing skinhead powers of Anaconda Johnson, and the intricate bung fingering of Demon-Troll, will prove to be an unstoppable force bent on world domination, defecation, strangulation, self pleasurization, constipation, pustualization and rectumication.

So together Demon-Troll Jismslinger, Squarehead-Blockhead, Anaconda Johnson, and Bud the Foreskin Beater have joined forces to bring forth the true essence of all that is putrid and vile. A swirling stenching turbospackling-charged power from the farthest reaches of the earth for all to discover the true essence of PUS.

Now the time has come to embark on their mission of destiny, envisioned in the hallucenogenic writings on the cumstained walls of the dungeons of slaveflesh. Moving towards the total enlightenment of the world as we know it, fulfilling the prophecy of penetrating the sweaty holes of the masses and uniting the world through volatile gasses.

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