CD $12.95

1. We're Pus
2. Spunkorama
3. Smegma
4. Up Your Poop
5. Bouncing Scrotums
6. Wet Fart Blues
7. Venerial Infestation
8. Skin Bus

9. Head Time
10. Orgasm Spasm
11. Turbo Spackle Boy
12. Hemorrhoid Cluster Buster
13. 4 Fingered Double Fisted
14. Butt Clot
15. Medium Sized Chunks

and a few surprises
Pus explodes its juices - right in your face! Pus-like creatures have slithered their way into the confines of a recording studio to capture the various sounds grunts and groans of Pustulization. Bringing forth the powers of spacklisation to defecation and contamination to all of the nation! Order now to get the full infection!

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